Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Bastard

Donald Bastard is a bad-ass, so I tried to do him justice. With any luck my drawing isn't quite shoddy enough to provoke him into kicking down my front door and tearing my face off...

Uh oh, I hear the flipper-flap of angry duck feet.


Waqas Malik said...

nice! i'm sure John K wud love it. i also like DB's hat, which looks like a subliminal "male genital" or maybe i have a dirty mind haha!

patrick sevc said...

Hey again John! Hope you don't mind a word from me. This would be perfect if you hadn't eaten up so much negative space. Esp. w/the tail and the hands/arm.

and not toned down some of the interesting shapes like his ass-cheek.

I'd also suggest slope the dark stripe on his hat down more. And fix the tangent with his foot/belly. Maybe push his eyebrows further.

Sorry to be so critical, hopefully I'm just helping. The construction is beautiful, looks all-around lovely! This is by far your best one yet, can't wait to seymore :)

John said...

Thanks again Patrick! :) I really value any help you guys can give me - that's how I get better!