Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bobby Bigloaf


LeoBro said...

Hey John, if you don't mind a comment from another set of eyes... It's a nice clean drawing but there are some subtle things being missed. The head in the original is bigger relative to the body than the head in yours. There's not enough white space to the right of the character on the t-shirt, which makes the centerline of the belly in the wrong place. Most importantly, there's a very subtle stretch in JohnKs drawing on Bobby's head/face as he turns toward us -- his nose and mouth overshoot the twist. As though his head is too fat to turn all the way. You centered the nose and leveled off the mouth. His right cheek (on our left) doesn't have to correct stretch; it's drooping instead of being stretched.

I'm still working on Kaspar, myself.

Hope that helps!

John said...

Hey LeoBro, I don't mind at all mate - in fact that's what my blog is here for! :)

I'll do a second pass on this one and see if I can improve it.

Thanks for the comment!