Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Man with No Shirt

To those who came into the studio this morning and were amused to find me studying a photo of a half-naked man: IT WAS JOHN K'S IDEA!

Anyway, this was a nice change of pace from my usual stuff. The exercise is to draw this photo as closely as you can in order to figure out the forms, and then draw a cartoony one using what you learned from the first drawing. I've been doing more life drawing these days, and I think I'm starting to loosen up a bit!


JoshuaTree said...

nice drawing, im worried about you john...lol

JohnK said...

good exaggeration

but try to be more committed to the shapes, less vague

get the feeling of flesh in your shapes and lines

John said...

Thanks John, I appreciate your help! I'll be doing more of these soon.